Delta Health Care's.

We have many services to make sure you have the best breastfeeding experience possible!

​ Breastfeeding Celebration

One-on-one help from our breastfeeding staff, including board certified lactation consultants and certified lactation educators

Pamphlets on breastfeeding
Referrals to community resources
Vouchers for extra food if you are fully breastfeeding
Electric breast pumps if you are going back to work or school*
Give-away pumps if you are going back to work or school*
Hospital grade pump if your baby is hospitalized

We also provide many different classes and services, including:

Bonding with Baby - In this class you will learn what to expect in the hospital and discover ways to enhance bonding with your baby after delivery and beyond.

Feeding Your Newborn - This prenatal online class covers essential tips for the first week of breastfeeding, how to tell your baby is breastfeeding correctly, and ways to feel confident about your milk production.
Mom to Mom Groups - These are virtual discussion groups for breastfeeding moms and babies. This is a time to ask questions, share information and learn from each other. Prenatal women are encouraged to attend.

Mommy Dollars / Breastfeeding Boutique (under construction)
Mommy Dollars are special certificates that can be earned by attending breastfeeding classes. Mommy dollars can be spent at our Breastfeeding Boutique; we have many items including new and gently used baby clothes, maternity clothes, and lots of additional items for mom and baby.
Peer Counselors
A Peer Counselor is a WIC mom who has breastfed her own baby. She has been carefully selected to help give moms information about feeding their babies. She will contact your over the phone or through video chat. She is here to give you support to meet your goals for feeding your baby. 

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*For those who qualify